Hashmark Vol. 1 / Polyklinik x Headshotboyz

by 8ounce Records

  • 200 limited 10" vinyl

    8ounce records is presenting the first installment of its new series Hashmark. Hashmark is an intersection where two artists meet, exchange tracks and then remix each other. The rules are pretty simple. All Hashmark releases will have four tracks pressed on a 10’ vinyl, one by each artist, and the same tracks remixed by the other.

    Hashmark Vol. 1 / Polyklinik x Headshotboyz out 3rd April 2013 (vinyl only)

    A1 Polyklinik - Plastic Denverb
    A2 Polyklinik - Plastic Denverb (Headshotboyz remix)

    B1 Headshotboyz - Sweet Cabbages
    B2 Headshotboyz - Sweet Cabbages (Polyklinik remix)

    Teaser: soundcloud.com/8ounce/hashmark-vol-1-polyklinik-x

    Artwork by Abris Gryllus
    Mixed by Kristof Ambrozy & Lajos Nadhazi
    Sweet Cabbages video by Viktor Horvath / www.youtube.com/watch?v=V7_8pDkzls8

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released April 3, 2013